Resources for those
who have left
Jesus People U.S.A.,
Chicago, Illinois,

The following is a short list of resources that will be of help to those who have left JPUSA:

In 1992, Ron Enroth wrote “Churches That Abuse”. Enroth was later contacted by numerous former JPUSA members who had read the book. This led to over seventy hours of interviews and telephone conversations with over forty former JPUSA members.

In 1994, Enroth wrote “Recovering From Churches That Abuse”. Chapter seven is devoted entirely to JPUSA. Chapter eight - an especially helpful chapter on recovery - and the epilogue mention JPUSA and a short poem by a former JPUSA member is printed at the book’s end.

The links to the two books are:  has a number of links to articles on JPUSA including a lengthy two part report from the Chicago Tribune. The “Visitors Comments” link contains comments by former members, Ron Enroth and staff from Wellspring Retreat, a recovery center for those who have been spiritually abused and/or involved in cults.  is an excellent article for those who have left this group, although JPUSA is not specifically mentioned. is the website of MeadowHaven, a place of refuge where former members of high control, destructive groups can rest, heal and grow."

The best source of any healing from spiritual wounding is the Word of God. The Psalms are especially helpful. Asking God for the Holy Spirit’s guidance before reading the Word of God will help to speed the healing process.